Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hard and Soft

Today we explored things that are hard and things that are soft. We started out playing with some soft cotton balls.

Next we coated the cotton balls with a flour mixture and set them on a cookie sheet...

all ready to go in the oven!

While the cotton balls were baking, we explored two sensory boxes filled with hard and soft things...

the soft box had lots of throwables!

Bry enjoyed filling shells with coins...

Mason had a collection of shells which looked alike...

a jolly observer with a hard toy and soft blanket :)

When the cotton balls came out of the oven, they looked very different!

and felt very different too!

The outsides were very hard and crunchy, but the insides were still white and fluffy!

Can a tractor crack them open?

Those shells are tough!

A dragon could crush them...

with either end!

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