Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sugar and Ice

We are such sweet little ones, it just seems sugar would be the logical choice for us to play with in the sensory table! It was soft and a little sticky! We played with cups, spoons, funnels, and of course our hands!

We didn't go to playgroup today, but we still had tons of outdoor fun!

We played in the playhouse...

and the sandbox...

and birdseed in the sensory table...

This afternoon we decided to beat the summer heat by exploring a bunch of colored ice! It was cold on our fingers and we thought it was silly to see the ice turn our hands colors!

Thank you for letting me spend the day with your children!

Fruit Loop Lacing and Playdough

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today, we played with a sensory table full of fruit loops! We had straws and sticks that we used to stir the cereal, and lace them! It was hard work, but we were sure proud of ourselves!

This afternoon we made our own playdough! The kids did such a great job pouring the ingredients and stirring the bowl! I would love to show you, but the pictures have disappeared into lala land. I was having many technical issues today, and lost about half my pictures...

After we made the playdough, we played with it! There were treasures hidden inside for us to find! We used tools and our hands to search for them.

Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July Shirts, Firework Paintings, and Park

We made t-shirts for 4th of July today! We used special fabric markers that won't wash out to color them.

We have done so many projects lately that involve us pressing down, so here is Carson doing it on his t-shirt!

We made firework paintings today! We used straws to blow the paint around so they looked like fireworks in the sky!

Both 4th of July activities we did one at a time today, the rest of us stayed busy though!

This afternoon we went to the park! It was really hot outside, but we had a great time!

We also had a great sighting right before we left the park! We were so excited to watch this truck do it's work, and the driver honked his horn and spun circles for us!

Ladybug Release and Squirt Bottles

Friday, June 25, 2010

We have had so much fun watching our ladybugs grow from tiny larvae into adults! Today, it was time to let them go so they could finish their life cycle in a more natural environment.

Mason has been desperate to hold them the entire time we have had them so this was a great opportunity for him to do so!

Carson did not want to hold the ladybugs, but he did a great job of saying "Bye Bye" to them! Thanks for letting us watch you grow!

After we watched the ladybugs fly away, we played with squirt bottles full of water! We had a great time squirting the climbers, the grass, and ourselves!

Mason and Gus had some quality time this afternoon! The toddlers love to bring Gus toys and tell him silly stories. What great buddies!