Monday, June 7, 2010

Leis, Bouncer, and Water Painting

We had a really fun morning! We started off playing in a sensory table that was full of leis and crepe paper flowers.

The flowers made silly crunching sounds and we liked to wear the leis!

After a little bit, nature overtook nurture and we decided to whack them with hammers!

It was such a beautiful day we had to head outside. We played and jumped in the bouncer!

"Come on Mason!"

Wow Mason! Big Jump!

Carson was fixing everyone with his drill!

After we were all bounced out, we noticed the house needed a little TLC, so my favorite handymen gave it a touch up!

We filled a bucket with water and got our brushes nice and wet...

And then painted the house!

Carson decided he better paint the bouncer too!

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